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Borough of Littlestown Stormwater Management Ordinance


Adams County Siren Information




Littlestown Borough Office

10 South Queen Street
Littlestown, PA 17340

Phone: (717) 359-5101
Fax: (717) 359-8441
Office Hours: M-F 7am-3:30 pm

Police Office 717-359-4511
Police Office Fax 717-359-8380
Police Non-Emergency 717-624-2101
Public Works Dept 717-359-7675
Water/Sewer Dept 717-359-5636
Community Pool 717-359-7450
Littlestown Library 717-359-0446
Historical Society 717-359-5101 ext. 37
Littlestown Post Office 717-359-4427
Fire Co. Social Hall 717-359-4212



Littlestown Borough Mayor & Police Department

Name Phone Ext. Email
James Eline, Sr  (717) 359-5101  12
James Eline Sr., Littlestown, PA, Mayor The Mayor’s main function is to control the day-to-day activities of the Littlestown Police Department. Other duties – perform marriages; administer oaths of office and affirmations in matters pertaining to Borough affairs; and to serve as the representative of the municipal government at community activities. The Mayor serves as the people’s spokesman to the Borough of Littlestown.


Littlestown Police Department

The Littlestown Police Department has a long and proud history of service to the Littlestown community. The Police Department is a full service police department which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing our citizens with protection using the latest in technology, equipment, and continuing education and training. The Police Department is responsible for patrolling the community, responding to calls from citizens, and investigating and enforcing criminal and traffic laws of the Commonwealth and the Borough of Littlestown.

The Littlestown Police Department consists of a Chief, Sergeant, six Police Officers, several part-time Police Officers, School Crossing Guards, and a Police Secretary.  The contact information for the members of the Police Department are as follows:

Contact Information

Police Office Phone Number (717) 359-4511, Fax (717) 359-8380,

NAME                                              EXT.                                             EMAIL

Chief Charles Kellar                         10                 

Sergeant Robert Funt                     15                 

Officer Joseph Henry                      16                 

Officer Gary Reed                            17                 

Officer James Spielman                  19                 

Officer Gary Gearhart                     20                 

Officer Anthony Gilberto               18                 

Officer Anthony Lupian                  14                 

Secretary Deb Hilker                       11          

The Police non-emergency phone number is (717) 624-2101 and is used for non-emergencies and to get a quicker response from the Police when no one answers the office phone.




What New Residents Should Know

The York Adams Tax Bureau sent information in regards to what every new resident should know.  The information is for Adams and York County Residents.  Please click the link below to see this message. Message From York Adams Tax Bureau read more

Update Phone Numbers on Water/Sewer Accounts For Property Owners

Update Water/Sewer Account Contact Information Form read more

Fire Pit Regulations

Regulations for Fire Pits and Other Burning Devices Click the picture for Regulations read more

Water/Sewer Increase Information

Water/Sewer Increase to take effect October 2013 Billing Cycle read more

Borough of Littlestown Contact Information

Contact the Borough Manager for any general business affairs pertaining to the Borough
Charles Kellar - 717-359-5101 ext. 32

Contact the Interim Borough Clerk for any question, complaints or concerns regarding water and sewer billing                                                         Sandy Conrad – 717-359-5101 ext. 31                                

Contact the Chief Water/Sewer Operator for any questions, complaints or concerns regarding water and sewer operations
Chris Stroup – 717-359-5636

Contact the Director of Public Works for any questions, complaints or concerns regarding zoning, building, inspections, permits, code issues or public works
Tim Topper – 717-359-5101 ext. 34

Contact the Secretary/Treasurer for any general information regarding the borough office, budget and right-to-know
Sandy Conrad – 717-359-5101 ext. 31

Third Party Inspector
Ed Strevig serves as the Borough’s third party inspector for all residential and commercial properties.  All permits will be distributed by the Borough Office staff.  Permits that are submitted will go through the Director of Public Works Tim Topper who will determine if any additional permits from MDIA are required.

Littlestown Historical Society
717-359-5101 ext. 37

To contact the Borough after hours or to contact the Police for Non-Emergencies
Littlestown Disbatch – 717-624-2101